Maurice Ufituwe is an Internet marketing manager, a Social Media manager, a Mobile marketing consultant, an Online reputation manager with a MBA degree and is the CEO of Ecommerce Maurice Victor. He’s the son of a former diplomat; he likes travelling the world, sports, and reading books.

When the Internet came about in the 90s I was curious to see how it could benefit small businesses and expand their reach. When I realized how the media was conducive for trade I decided to start an online business and became an Internet marketer myself. In 2005-2006 “Web 2.0″ or Social Media emerged on the scene as the new force that connected people worldwide and it was a sharp contrast to the first generation of the Internet that was a mere linkage of websites across the web.

No-one really understood how “Social Media” as it would later be coined were supposed to work and if it had any commercial value. But as the social networking sites grew bigger in size and popularity, they were increasingly developing a new dynamic and a new market place businesses needed to connect with with the right mindset.

Ecommerce Maurice Victor

My company deals precisely with those issues. We consult and provide custom solutions to a growing number of businesses, large and small and individuals who want to use Social Media as their platform to grow their businesses online.

Maurice Ufituwe is passionate about helping businesses and individuals getting started and making money with Social Media. When you work with us you also have the benefit of a small network of other consultants, web developers and designers with expertise in everything; from Social Media, Reputation Management, Mobile marketing, web development to WordPress, SEO, Google Places and traditional Internet marketing.

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 Posted on : April 3, 2011